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Business Packages

All companies operate differently and you will have your own unique business needs too. No matter how efficiently you handle your business, your company is constantly exposed to risks, such as property damage and public liability.

Our business package is well designed to provide a value-for-money packaged insurance which bundles together with key coverage for prudent businesses. It is comprehensive and flexible, allowing you to customize the optimum policy by increasing limits or adding optional coverage to suit your business needs. With an affordable premium, you will not need to worry of the unnecessary risks exposed to your business in future.


  • All Risks unless otherwise specifically excluded in the policy
  • Consequential Loss
  • Money
  • Personal Accident
  • Public Liability
  • Goods-In-Transit
  • Legal Expenses
  • Fire and Extraneous Peril on Building
  • Work Injury Compensation
  • Fidelity Guarantee

Our business package includes the following product range:

No Business Type Description
1 Service Specially designed for businesses which render services such as hairdressing and beauty salons, bridal studios, photo finishing services, laundry shops, dry cleaners, reflexology centres, clinics and education centres.
2 Food & Beverage Restaurant Specially designed for establishments with dining-in facilities such as coffee house, cafes and caterers.
Food Retail Specially designed for take-away outlets without dining-in facilities such as delis, bakeries, confectioneries and ice-cream parlours.
Food Stall Specially designed for food kiosks/counters and stalls in food courts with no public access into the premises after business hours.
3 Retail General Specially designed for retailers and wholesalers
Electronics Specially designed for retailers and wholesalers with business dealings in electronics and/or electrical goods.
4 Light Industrial Specially designed for companies involving in manufacturing and assembly business and storage of own goods.
5 Office Specially designed for office operations only