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Employment Agency Insurance Package

Under the new Employment Agency (EA) Regulatory Framework implemented in April 2011 by Ministry of Manpower, Employment agencies with a Comprehensive Licence will be required to furnish a security deposit of between $20,000 and $60,000. (See Below)

No Description Security Deposit Requirement
1 All employment agencies with a Comprehensive Licence, unless they meet (2),(3) or (4) from this table $60,000
2 Employment agencies that placed 200 or less Work Permit and S Pass holders in past 12 months $40,000
3 Employment agencies that accumulated 3 or less demerit points in the past 12 months $40,000
4 Employment agencies that meet both (2) and (3) from this table $20,000

We have designed a Package that not only assists you to fulfill the above requirement and also provide you and your staffs with a comprehensive coverage at competitive premium.

Section Description Sum Guaranteed/Limit (S$)
1 Banker’s Guarantee Package A – 20,000
Package B – 40,000
Package C – 60,000
2 Personal Accident 10,000
3 Medical Coverage 5,000
4 Work Injury Compensation Work Injury Compensation
Act/Common Law

Please contact us for the premium quotation.