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Work Injury Compensation

The Work Injury Compensation covers legal liability of employer under the Work Injury Compensation Act and common law. As an employer, you will be liable towards the compensation for work-related injuries and occupational diseases sustained during your employees’ course of employment.

It is compulsory at law for employer to arrange cover for employees who are earning below S$1,600 and those who are manual workers regardless of salary quantum under the Work Injury Compensation Act. The insurer’s maximum liability is S$10 million for any one claim & series of claims arising out of one event.

We understand that your employees are your company’s most valuable assets. With our coverage, your employees will go to work feeling secured and protected everyday.


Steps to follow when submitting Work Injury Compensation claim:

  • Notify us within 24 hours.
  • You are advised to inform MOM immediately in writing via email at, fax or post in the event that:
    (a) The injured workman is found to have sustained permanent incapacity or
    (b) When the injured workman is granted more than 14 days outpatient medical leave or he is hospitalized for his injury.
  • Submit your report to the MOM via the MOM iReport Online Reporting System at notification process will essentially comprise four steps:
    Step 1 – Informant Details
    Step 2 – Informant Organisation Details
    Step 3 – Incident Details
    Step 4 – Victim/Patient Details

The website provides very detailed instructions on how to complete the electronic form and the reporting process itself provides an easy step by step guide to assist users in completing the process. The MOM has also introduced a new form known as the ‘Notice of Accident/Occupational Disease/Dangerous Occurrence’ form. This form will replace the old ‘Form A’ document. This form can be downloaded from the MOM website under Resources / Form / Occupational Safety and Health Division.

Please fax a copy of the iReport and state the policy number of the policy covering the worker at the accident site to us at 6737 9929.