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Domestic Maid Package

Employing a maid adds on to one family’s financial commitments and looking after your maid’s well-being is one of your many priorities. What happens if your maid falls sick or get repatriated back to her homeland?

We offer packages that will support you and your maid through good and bad times, so no unexpected expenses will be too much to handle.

Schedule of Benefits Aggregate Limit Per Policy Period
Deluxe (S$) Superior (S$)
1. Worldwide Personal Accident
a) Death OR Death from Home Accidents sustained in Insured’s Residence
S$ 40,000
S$ 42,500
S$ 50,000
S$ 55,000
b) Permanent Disablement S$ 40,000 S$ 50,000
c) Medical Expenses including
– Dental treatment resulting from injury due to an accident
– Treatment by Chinese Physicians
– Treatment for Dengue Fever
– Ambulance Services
S$ 1,000
S$ 100
S$ 100
S$ 100
S$ 2,500
S$ 250
S$ 250
S$ 250
2. Repatriation Expenses including in the event of suicide S$ 10,000 S$ 10,000
3. Hospital & Surgical Expenses in Singapore including
– Day Surgery
– 90 Days Pre & Post Hospitalisation
– Ambulance Services up to S$100
– Medical Report Fees up to S$100
S$ 30,000 subject to S$15,000 Per Annum S$ 40,000 subject to S$20,000 Per Annum
4. Wages Compensation & Levy Reimbursement (Up to 60 days) S$ 15/ day S$ 30/ day
5. Termination Expenses N.A. S$ 300
6. Recuperation Benefits for each day of hospitalization (Up to 60 days) N.A. S$ 20/ day
7. Domestic Helper Liability S$ 2,500 S$ 5,000
8. Dread Diseases N.A. S$ 2,000
9. Re-Hiring Expenses S$ 250 S$ 500
10. Domestic Helper’s Belongings S$ 250 S$ 500
Letter of Guarantee/ Waiver of Counter Indemnity
11. of Guarantee (LOG) to the Ministry of Manpower S$ 5,000 S$ 5,000
12. Waiver of Counter Indemnity to Section 22 Letter of Guarantee S$ 5,000 subject to excess of S$250



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