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Private Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is mandatory for all vehicles owners in Singapore. We provide the following services:

  • Source for the most competitive insurance quotations from at least 3 leading Insurers.
  • Arrange for Insurance’s expiry date to coincide with your Road Tax.
  • Provide advice on all issues pertaining to accident claims.

There are 3 types of motor insurance offered by insurers in Singapore:

1. Comprehensive
This is the most common policy taken up by most of the vehicle owners as it has the widest coverage. Apart from covering loss or damage to Insured vehicles, it also covers death and injuries to Third Parties, Passengers and Driver.

2. Third Party, Fire and Theft
This coverage insures the Insured against any liability for death and injuries to Third Parties, Passengers and Third Party’s Property. It also covers any loss of damage to the Insured Vehicle in respect of Fire and Theft.

3. Third Party Only
This coverage is the minimum among the rest as it only covers the Insured’s liability for death and injuries to Third Parties and their Properties.